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Hi, I am Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith.


My first paid job was teaching English as a foreign language to schoolchildren in the Republic of Georgia where I am originally from.


It was a way to generate pocket money while I was studying at the University. By the time I graduated, my little side hustle grew into a busy little business, only at the time I did not think it was a business.


Looking back I realise how much marketing and effort it took to succeed in attracting clients from one to 50. This was my first introduction to marketing and running a small business.


However, in the 90s Georgia it seemed more prestigious to work in the office of a big company than to run your own small business, so I stopped my side hustle and got a “proper job”. 


I left Georgia in 2001 and started a new life in London, which became my second home for the following 10 years. I always wanted to work in the City of London, and when I eventually joined Moody’s it felt like a dream come true. I loved working for such a big, international company but it also became too restrictive for my nature.


At the same time, I became interested in side projects which involved Internet Marketing. In 2008 online marketing was still very new. I was fascinated by the digital world and the opportunities it could provide. I devoured almost every known marketing, advertising, and copywriting book and DVD. The likes of Ken Envoy and the late Jay Conrad Levinson completely opened up my eyes to a new world. I started building my own websites and driving traffic to the newly listed pages. At the time I was selling affiliate health food products, from my wellness focussed website. I became obsessed with Google advertising, SEO, and content marketing. I started blogging and building my own community of small business owners who were seeking newer ways to reach more clients. 


Eventually, I quit my corporate job and started consulting small business owners on digital marketing. My initial clients came from yoga business owners through the business I founded around the needs of holistic businesses who were looking to grow profits - Yoga Business Academy. The results were incredible, the clients started to get results in their business that would not have been possible without marketing, including digital marketing. I started to get asked to train small business owners on the use of online marketing, I also started organising my own marketing training events for small business owners which were always hugely enjoyable experiences sharing my knowledge with others.


By 2011 I was living in Manchester with my now eccentric Scottish writer husband Alan Forrest-Smith. By the year 2013, my yoga business evolved and I started collaborating with wider business industries, from solicitors, to construction companies and beyond. This was when I formed Socrates Bike. 

With the arrival of our son Demna in 2019 and then our daughter Keso in 2021 my priority was to be with my very young children. While I carried on working during both maternities I mainly focused my efforts on our own businesses.

Today, I feel newfound energy and time to focus to support businesses that are ready to level up, gain greater visibility and increase their sales through specialized traffic and conversion. 


Today I work on permanent, as well as select business collaborations. 

I do a few things: I write a lot, newsletters, and blogs. I maintain and update content strategy; Work on SEO; Organize and host podcasts. I advise business owners on traffic and conversion. Work hands-on managing client's campaigns.  My recent client increased targeted website traffic by 306% in just 21 days, and another client repositioned their construction services as a number one service provider in the region, thanks to online positioning and conversion, increasing leads and leads to sales.  

Current Activities & Collaboratins
Collaborative Opportunities

While I have a busy schedule, I have a few openings and business opportunities where I am available to work. They include.

  • Consulting work

  • Specialist Marketing Campaign Services

  • Training

  • I am also open to collaborating with Universities, colleges, or other training providers as a guest trainer. 


There are things I am unable to commit though, and they include any free advice or payment based on future delivery; I am also unable to commit to any full-time work. While I am experienced in various aspects of business development, I specifically focus on online marketing. 

If you are interested to discuss any business collaboration and need help with online marketing, brand visibility, traffic, and conversion please contact me.

Academic Education

I am a great believer in both types of education - personal development, and academic education. 

  • In 1999 I received my first Postgraduate Degree in European Languages and Culture.

  • Then in 2005, I graduated from the University of Westminster with MSc in Information Management and Finance.

  • More recently I have been accepted to study MA in Classics at the Open University. I start in 2024.

Besides academic learning, I am an advocate for self-learning and continuous education. I love learning specific topics that interest me and benefit my clients. While I do not have a degree in online marketing, I have been studying and applying the latest tools and strategies for winning online for nearly 15 years. I am subscribed to the industry's up-to-the-minute information to help my clients remain competitive and grow.    

My Skills Your Results!

Content Strategy  Business Writing     Campaign Management    Database Marketing    Copywriting     Podcast strategy   
Digital Marketing   Fundraising    SEO    Direct Marketing  
Training & Educating   Trade Show Marketing Podcast And Events Host   

Hire me and use my skills to grow your business!

If you want to increase your business income, double readership, sell more of your products and services, and engage with your clients. Call me now, details on how to contact me are here.  

What happens after you contact me?


You will get 2 emails from me. The first one will acknowledge your email and the second one will be a more personal reply, which I aim to respond to within 1 hour, but it can take up to 24 hours. I will either email you or call you back. 

Once we have an initial conversation, we will agree on further details.  

Contact me here.  

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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