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What's the Potential Sales Boost from Improved Visibility and Conversion?

How much more will you sell with more visibility and higher conversion?

A few months ago, our children’s nursery sent an email raising fees for the second time in a year. The first one was the “annual” increase, and the second one to compensate for the inflation and the rising cost of energy prices. At the end of the email, it simply said, it should be fine as you probably also got a rise at your job.

He was largely correct. When I was employed by a large company, the wages would go up in line with the inflation. But when you are a self-employed, and the cost of living is mounting month by month you can’t get along on what your business has been making. Somehow, you’ve simply got to increase your earnings. That is why more than ever before, money is what counts.

There is a way to grow business and scale up what you have.

Why you are struggling with poor visibility and conversion?

As an independent business owner, it’s highly likely you are an expert in your industry or an established business with a well-known brand in your town, region, or nationwide. But even if the fortune smiles upon your business you are still having a tough time generating more business because your competitors with less experience but better visibility and conversion are more visible than you are.

The problem is, it’s only getting tougher, even though there are more digital marketing opportunities available for businesses.

To begin with, the digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, it even keeps changing every few months. Searching for businesses like yours online and buying behaviors have shifted, and the market is becoming more competitive every day.

As a result, online platforms that many businesses are relying on for visibility, such as Google, Social Media marketing, and other relevant platforms are becoming more sophisticated. Yet most marketing and conversion strategies that are used by businesses become outdated and fail to address the fundamental issues let alone provide a clear growth strategy.

For example, chasing social likes, rankings, and clicks is misleading. Without a clear strategy, they are the only tools that you might be using in your business for all the wrong reasons, mostly because everyone else is using them. That is why the results from such actions, regardless of the money spent on online advertising, produce very poor results, if any.

There is a better way.

The Key to creating real online marketing momentum

A long-term approach is to achieve greater visibility and to do it in an organic, productive, and scalable way. In other words, it all starts with clarifying and showcasing your business value, aligning it with your target audience, and optimising it for their specific journey.

Creating a user-first marketing mix of organic positioning, content strategy, and online marketing will drive more traffic naturally and will also maximise your advertising budget.

11 Ways Marketing Mix will Help Your Business Growth:

  1. Solidify and expand your brand awareness;

  2. Gain and maintain a competitive edge;

  3. Stay one step ahead of the competition;

  4. Become the ultimate choice for your customers within your field;

  5. Dominate your niche market;

  6. Generate more qualified leads and leads to the sale;

  7. Improve engagement;

  8. Attract the right kind of clients;

  9. Increase conversion rate;

  10. Grow and scale up your business;

  11. Become more adaptable to exterior circumstances and influences

"Traffic is good, but traffic & conversion gives you the ability to really scale up your sales."

How much will increasing visibility & conversion boost your sales?

Increase visibility and conversion

If you increase your visibility and conversion by 10%, will your sale will go up by 10%?

Not really, your sale will go up by 20-30%, maybe more. This is because more conversion gives you the ability to buy more traffic. In other words, traffic is good, but traffic & conversion gives you the ability to really scale up your sales. Check out the illustration below. Simply replace the numbers with your sales data.

visibility and conversion boost

How to increase your marketing visibility and conversion

My marketing consulting starts with a comprehensive in-depth analysis of your current market positioning, any existing marketing visibility review, including your online presence, and your brand positioning. It identifies crucial issues to address and uncovers any opportunities that should be pursued. I then create a strategic, long-term roadmap to guide you or your team on what to do and how to improve it.

Use My Skills To Grow Your Profits Learn More

My marketing advice and service are not a cheap and quick-fix solution promising overnight rankings and riches. Instead, I offer a holistic marketing approach that aims to drive measurable sales and business growth through a combination of marketing mix and strategies. For some businesses it may take small tweaks and a handful of weeks, or even days in some cases, to see the impact and for others a few months. It all depends on various factors, such as:

  • Your current business position and the complexity of the project;

  • Current available resources;

  • Current issues that might require fixing.

Once I know your current challenges and your goals, I will be able to provide you with the next steps.

If you only require a high-level consulting and analysis, with a list of recommendations that you can implement yourself or your team I can work on a consulting basis. I can also offer a face to face or Zoom/Skype consulting meetings that are recorded.

If you require more hands-on support and we are a good match we can then discuss and move on and agree to work on a specific campaign or overall online marketing management. For that please see Campaign Manager details.

To more visibility and growth

Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith


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