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Is Your Business Getting Seen By Your Buyers

If not - You are invisible.

Invisible means less leads, less sales, less profits, and less of everything. And let's be honest in business you want the best of everything you can get.

I take invisible businesses regardless of what marketing they are doing now and make them highly visible online.

That means for you, getting seen, getting known, getting remembered, and of course - more sales!

Tell me what you’re up to below and I will get back to you with at least three things you can do to increase your visibility.

Is it worth 2 minutes of your time? My most recent client with a construction business of 15 years old began a new visibility campaign with me. His results in just 10 weeks - around £80,000 in new sales.

I look forward to reading your feedback and getting back to you with some quick visibility tips you can use right away.


Tamara Forrest-Smith

Socrates Bike in Collaboration With Combined Energy Club

Is your business visible?

See how well your business visibility is performing and how to improve visibility, conversion and sales online.

Business Information

How long has your businss been establshed?
On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate your current online visibility? (1 being extremely low, 5 being very high). When answering the questions please consider the following. 1 being you have zero visibility online. 5 being your business and brand show up every time, or most of the time when the prospect or a customer searches for your products or services.
What online platforms or channels are you currently using to enhance your visibility? (Check all that apply)
Does your business measure lead generation success?
Which of the following metrics do you track to measure lead generation success? (Check all that apply)
Visibility Goals. What are your primary goals for improving visibility? (Check all that apply)
What are the biggest challenges you face in enhancing your online visibility?
In the past 12 months would you say (Please select all that apply)

Thank you for completing the Socrates Bike Visibility Questionnaire. We will get back to you with personalized suggestions.

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