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Consulting &
Online Visibility FAQs 


Q: Can you take on a permanent role?

A: I can work on a permanent basis, but I work from a remote location. I can visit the office and provide face-to-face consultation and follow-up meetings in addition to online meetings, but this has to be pre-agreed. 

Q: Can you work on a specific campaign only?

A: Yes, I can, please contact me to discuss the details.

Q: Can you work full-time?

A: Due to other work commitments I am unable to commit to a full-time and permanent role, but I will consider a temporary project that requires full-time input.

Q: How long does it take to see the results from the online marketing campaign?

A: Any time period provided here is approximate, as many details depend on the outcome of your marketing campaign, but in general, it takes 12-weeks to see the results that can be sustained and grow. Although it is often possible to see the results much faster, in many cases within days, typically when an urgent fix is required for a specific outcome in mind, for example, filling out upcoming training events, or starting getting online sales from the e-commerce website.

Q: Do you guarantee your results? 

A: As a consultant I do not guarantee any results. For a start, Google prohibits guarantees. In the world of online marketing, it is impossible to do so as many factors change frequently, often every few months. Many factors also depend on the successful application of the advice you will receive from me. However, I promise to provide you with a thorough analysis and a detailed recommendation and/or application to increase your online marketing results, sales, ranking, visibility, and growth.

Q: Who will implement the results?

A: For a 12-week project I work on implementation in addition to the consultation and advice that I provide. You can also request a regular up to 90-minute virtual meeting with yourself or your team to ask any questions and clarifications. 

Q: What if I am rebranding/redesigning

A: This is a perfect time to work on your marketing.

Q: What do you need to get started? 

A: I ask for 100% payment upfront. Once the invoice is paid, and before we start to work together I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire and ask you to grant me access to any relevant platforms. I may ask you additional questions about your business goals, products, and services in order to help me guide in my own research.

Q: Is there anything you do not do? 

A: I do not work as part of your team. I do not set your internal goals or get involved in the management process, budgets, and accountability. While I provide advice, and guidance I do not offer new skills training to your team, for example, a new e-commerce website building or setting up commercial ads, however, this can be purchased separately if required.

Q: Ongoing advisory retainer 

A: Based on mutual agreement we can work on a retainer from consulting to marketing campaign management.

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