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Does Your Website Bring You Closer To Your Customers? Identify. Fix. Sell More Services Fast

Do you need to increase website traffic, or do you need your website to convert into more sales?

If your website does not bring you closer to your customers, there are quick and easy solutions you can apply today to start attracting more clients through your website.

Today, I am running a quick review of one of our business websites. During the quick website review, I am usually looking for some flaws that might be preventing our customers from reaching out. This helps me identify the errors, fix them, and kick-start selling again.

Brief summary:

How to identify if your website needs fixing when there is nothing visually wrong with it?

For a start, the reason I am running a quick review is very simple. I noticed the majority of the visitors were leaving the particular page of the website as soon as they arrived without making contact or browsing further. It’s a problem that needs a solution.

One of the easiest ways to identify any errors is to look at the website like a customer. While looking through the different lenses, I am actively trying to find any errors that may not be obvious at a glance.

What are the 3 areas to look out for when working on your webpage conversion?

While there are many ways to analyse the website, here are the basic questions to ask:

  1. Is the website intuitive enough? Is it easy to navigate? Does it load up fast enough across all devices?

  2. Do the benefits of my products stand out on my website? What does this mean? Is it easy for people to understand what they are receiving? Have I maximised the use of images or videos to sell the products visually? In this case study, I am reviewing the hospitality website, the use and the display of the images are essential, hence I am paying particular attention to the graphics.

3. WHY? Have I given enough reason to our customers to contact us?

What else can you quickly review?

Online competition review. In addition to the above, from time to time, I like to review the competition. It helps me to remain alert and try and discover ways to do things better that are aligned with our own business philosophy.

Aligning your business values to the customer journey and then optimising your website visibility to the right customers is essential for the success of your business presence online.

Here are 3 easy-to-fix flaws within the website I discovered and how you can also apply the same solutions to your website.

  1. The use of images was rather poor. Some businesses sell through images better than others. In this case, the images we used were outdated, and not displayed correctly on the webpage. As a solution, we updated the images (we booked a professional photographer as we were unable to photograph the premises myself) and made the web browsing experience through the images more intuitive. To achieve this I sourced a third-party website plugin that provided a better solution compared to what we used previously.

  2. Website copy. The text of the copy was not scannable for viewers. What does this mean? It simply means the page readability was reduced due to too much text that was not layed out correctly. As a solution, we broke up the copy and added easy-to-scan and read benefit-driven bullet points.

  3. The main advertising headline was rather general. What does this mean? Instead of capturing THE target customer, we were trying to capture everyone’s attention. The problem with not speaking to one customer is your business message can get diluted, and simply fail to address your ideal customer's desires.

To quickly recap. There are many areas of the website that can be reviewed. Often if there are enough visitors to the website but not enough customers from that website, the problem is not in the traffic but in the conversion. Check them both. Then address the issues.

To growth and visibility

Tamara Forrest-Smith

PS. To discuss your business visibility and online growth, contact me and request a no-obligation call to discuss your project.


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